Single Touch Payroll - Reckon Data file correct but when file saved and uploaded into Portal one emp

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With regard to Single Touch Payroll. I have just installed Reckon Portal and followed all instructions. I am trying to get it worked out before our dead line this year. I saved the current pay run and processed the single touch payroll in My Reckon data file and saved the file. I then uploaded this file into the Reckon STP Portal. The file is then uploaded, I checked the gross and tax figures and all correct. I then clicked on the 'detail' section of this uploaded file to make sure all details for all employees YTD figures were correct. One of my 10 employees is incorrect!! His gross and tax figures are correct and his SGC figure is correct, but his EA (employer additional) super figure is $100 different to the figures in my Reckon file.  I have double checked his correct figure in my data file, and this is correct but when file uploaded to Portal figure is different. I have deleted this file in the Portal now as the YTD dates are not correct. I have saved a couple of pay runs now and this same employee's EA figure is not same as Reckon data file.  Using Reckon Accounts Premier 2018. Hope you can help.


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    Check your EA Super Item setup (double-click on it in your Payroll Items List) ...
    Is it set up as a "Super" Type with "Employer Additional (EA)" Company Contribution as the (greyed-out) selected contribution type?

    The EA amount should show in the Portal in the "RESC" column 

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    Thanks for reply.  Yes checked payroll item.  This same payroll item is used for another employee as well, and their totals are all correct, so I presume the payroll item is OK.
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    Just resolved issued.  Had to delete all Employer Additional item from employees paycheques for the year.  Start with a zero amount for this item.  Then add the item again to each paycheque.  This has now resolved the bug in this employees figures when saving the file for STP.  Thanks
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