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Can someone please point me in the direction of a procedure for terminations through STP using Payroll Premier? I have an outstanding termination to lodge through STP; however, it's coming up with incorrect data - the gross is out by approx. $70? 

When do i use 'export' when do i use 'update event'? Why do all my terminations don't say YES for final event?

I also have back payment to lodge from back in November for an employee which includes a LUMP Sum E component; however Reckon is adding this to the 'total gross' instead of making it inclusive. I.e total back payment payment is $57,000 including a LUMP sum E component of $30,000.. but the total gross in the STP report states $87,000 which is incorrect (it's adding on the 30k) - can someone please help!

Will there be some sort of reconcile still at EOY for the ATO as i feel this STP isn't reliable enough to solely rely on for one's income! As i understand it's replacing PAYG Payment Summaries??


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    Hiya, Kali. I can't help you with the above as I am having the same problem with some terminations. When I look at the ones with 'error' I've noticed that the phone number is missing even though it is in the set up. These are back packers/casual workers so there is no way to contact them to see if there is something else I have missed. I also have some that are still 'pending' from last year.

    In your case, the fact that the lump sum is being added onto the gross is pretty scary!

    I will still be doing the EOF summaries for this client as well as the other small clients that I do payroll for that don't need to be done through STP until July so that the ATO can compare the EOY amounts to the figures sent to them by my clients' accountants as a more realistic truth.

    Maybe this is another exercise for the team?

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    Thanks for the reply Cheryl, it's comforting others are having the same issue but yes, like you said pretty scary at the same time.. in my particular case it's a $30k error! 
    Is there a reconcile you do at EOY with STP or it's solely reliant on the weekly lodgements? Hopefully Reckon get back to us ASAP!
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