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Maintenance Sat 9 March

StevenHelen ThompsonStevenHelen Thompson Member Posts: 10
edited April 11 in Accounts Hosted
It Is Very Inconvenient To Have No Hosted On Saturday There Are A Lot Of Businesses Here That Are Open For Trade On Saturdays Even If It Is Only Half Day In Fact I Think It Is Very Arrogant Of You Guys To Presume That It Is In Any Way Ok To Pull The Plug At Those Times 


  • edited April 11
    Hi Steven Helen

    Unfortunately maintenance always inconveniences some, I too work sat & sun so I personally would be happy with mid week maintenance.  But of course that will affect too many.

    I do agree, sat. night through sunday is much better than fri - Sat.

    If it is critical you have access to Reckon on Saturday, you can move the file offline to a desktop, depending what you have, not sure if POS is easy to take offline for example, and depending if you have any third party programs running with Hosted.

    Here is the link explaining how to take offline and put back to hosted.  You will need to contact support and get a lic. for the desktop.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,747 Administrator
    edited February 2019
    I completely understand what you're saying Steven and I sincerely apologise that this will cause an interruption to your trade on Saturday.

    The work that will be carried out by our teams is necessary and unfortunately there is never a good time to schedule these, particularly the significant level of work that needs to be carried out.
    I appreciate that may be of little comfort at the moment but we really do appreciate your patience and understanding.

    You may have noticed on my announcement post that we have the ability to provide you offline access through Reckon Accounts Enterprise so that you can download your existing company file from Hosted (before maintenance starts) and continue working on it while Hosted is offline. You can then upload the file back into Hosted when we're back up and running.

    If that's something you think would be useful to you and you don't have Reckon Accounts Enterprise at the moment, please send us an email with your Hosted user name to [email protected] before 7 March 2019 and we'll organise a copy for you. 
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