full version of personal Plus 2019??

Anthony Misell
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Am I missing something here or has something changed, as I always thought an upgrade was just that an upgrade, and not the full version, as I am being told to uninstall my personal Plus 2016 full version before I can  install my new Personal Plus 2019 upgrade??


  • Rav
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    Hi Anthony,
    That's correct your previous version needs to be uninstalled prior to the new install.

    There's full info in the 2019 Reckon Personal Installation & Upgrade Guide
  • Anthony Misell
    Anthony Misell Member Posts: 3
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    I have been using Quicken (Reckon Accounts) for my personal accounts for over twenty year, and Quickbooks until I retired from work, and an upgrade was just that an upgrade and NOT a full version that must have changed over the last couple of years.
    I upgrade every couple of years, and this time has been a nightmare, as you instructions are pathetic and don't match reality, you buy a Reckon product online and in my case Reckons Personal Accounts plus 2019, I downloaded it, I unzipped it, then that red Reckon box pops up on my desktop. I press Australia, and another box pops up, I press start, and another box pops up, and I scroll down and press INSTALL, and another description box pops up on the side and at the top of this description box printed in black, not in blue or red to indicate that it is the link to install Reckon Accounts plus 2019, I only found this to be the link by accident as my mouse touched it and it highlighted it 
    You can take notice of my concerns, or throw them into the bin but there are a lot of us out here that are not computer nerds and leave some crumbs for us to follow so that we can install programs more
  • John_9939666
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    If you have a full version 2016 I would keep it as you will not have to pay for the yearly subscription which I think is A$190 and rising probably $230 next year. Also you will not have these problems mentioned above. The only downside is that you will not get the automatic share price download which is not a big deal as you can update manually. Stick with the 2016 version. I would.