An unhandled error within the Core services

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What does "An unhandled error within the Core services" mean in regard to a STP portal error?


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    This means there was an issue with the ATO's SRB2 service (the service that handles STP submissions) at the time of your lodgement.
    If you haven't resubmitted this pay event and have the ATO receipt number, send it through to me at [email protected] along with the ABN and date of the lodgement and we may be able to pull it back (not guaranteed).
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    Hi Rav,
    I have sent you through an email as I have received this same error on my last lodgement. I rang the ATO and they could not tell me what error message meant and suggested I re lodge which I did as a full file replacement (?). Received same error. I rang ATO again today and they said they could see the first lodgement but has a failed status. They again said to relodge should I do this as a normal lodgement or file replacement again. Please refer email sent yesterday with ATO receipt numbers etc.
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    Hi Danielle,
    I've had a chat with our STP guys again in relation to this error message and because the ATO's SBR2 service has been under extreme load recently, there have been occurrences where some pay events have returned this response.

    Now, because the first file wasn't accepted successfully, a full file replacement won't go through because there is nothing to 'replace', if that makes sense.

    Can you please try submitting the pay event again as a normal new pay event and confirm the status you receive (ensure that its created as a normal pay event in your accounting software)
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