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I have just watched the Webinar on STP for Reckon Accounts. Very informative. My question is do I configure and start this for the first pay in the new financial year, or do we just start at some point between now and then? If I was to start now, will it affect payment summaries at the end of the financial year? Can I register and set up my STP now and then start using on 1 July?


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    Glad to hear you found the webinar helpful Carol :)
    In regard to your question, its really up to you. You can opt to start now and get the jump on things before EOFY while things aren't as hectic in June/July. One thing to note, once you start using STP you do need to continue with it from that point on.
    There's a little bit more info on starting mid year on our help article here -
    Starting Single Touch Payroll Lodgements mid year

    I'd also recommend going through our checklist in the article below to ensure your file is ready with all the STP requirements to give you a head start -
    Preparing Reckon Accounts Business and Hosted for Single Touch Payroll (STP)
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    Thank you Rav

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