Once purchase orders are applied to bills, the bill automatically closes without the option to enter

Carmen HamiltonCarmen Hamilton Member Posts: 3
edited June 2019 in Accounts Hosted
I've just started to experience this today as well - using Reckon Hosted.

I was happily entering bills for a particular supplier (linking them to POs in the system), when I had 3 bills left to process, then all of the sudden soon as I click on the PO - the bill screen closes with the PO amount saved (which is incorrect as I need to add further detail).  I'm not sure if I accidentally pressed a short-cut or something to make this happen???  I'm at a total loss how to correct it.

(The autofill of the bill is not the issue. It is the automatically recording of the bill without getting the chance to enter a reference number or date that is the issue.)
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