Reckon STP APP - viewing YTD figures entered

Kate MazarKate Mazar Member Posts: 1
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I’ve put YTD figures into the app, how can I view them to see what they are?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,799 Administrator
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    Hi Kate,
    There's an update coming soon to the app which will add a display showing the YTD info and will update as subsequent pay runs are submitted. I've been told its not too far off and I'll post more info on this as soon as there's more news on release.
  • Linda HackettLinda Hackett Member Posts: 4
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    Hi Rav,

    when I set up payroll on the STP app it asked for an opening balance. I entered an amount and then lodged 2 payruns. The amount declared on the income statement is now out by that opening balance but the amount declared on the ATO portal is correct. How do I remove the opening balance so the income statement is correct?  If I reverse a payrun then the ATO amount will be wrong. Basically I need to reconcile the amount on the portal so it matches the income statement and it's out exactly by the opening amount. I have emailed twice, called and already put a message on the board but have had zero response. The ATO can't help, they said it needs to be done by the software provider.
  • reneerenee Member Posts: 65
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    Hi Linda, have you figured this out? I’ve done the same
  • TracyTracy Member Posts: 4
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    Has anyone had a response about this issue?  So many people have the same problem.  Can't find a response.
  • christine micallefchristine micallef Member Posts: 1
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    Ive got exactly the same problem  

  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 333
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    Adjustment changes myGov income statement figures which are year-to-date figures. Adjustment does not affect pay runs in the Business Portal.
  • cindycindy Member Posts: 1
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    Can you confirm if my interpretation of what you just explained is correct, If I set up and load my YTD figures, process 1 weekly pay run, the correct wages will appear in each employees mygov account being YTD+1 weekly pay run even though on the business portal it only shows 1 payrun instead of the YTD+1payrun fugure? Thanks in advance
  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 333
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    Hi Cindy. Genau. Spot on.
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