SavannaSavanna Member Posts: 4
I am trying to set up STP in Reckon Accounts Enterprise: Contractor Edition 2018
The webinar says I need to go into Edit/Preferences/Payroll & Employees and tick "Enable Single Touch Payroll" but this button is not there. So what do I do now?


  • Kris_WilliamsKris_Williams Member Posts: 1,212 ✭✭✭
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    Pretty certain it’s not in 2018 version
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,925 Administrator
    edited June 2019
    It is, provided that last year's tax table update has been installed.

    Savanna, can you please confirm if this has been done?
    Also, the path you've mentioned is exactly right but just needs one slight adjustment, once you get to the Payroll & Employees section, there is one more step in going to the Company Preferences tab ie. Edit > Preferences > Payroll & Employees > *Company Preferences* > Enable Single Touch Payroll
  • CarleenCarleen Member Posts: 26
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    I have just updated my file from desktop to hosted and iam checking things and went to check my STP and like Savanna i have no STP tick box. I did have it set up in my desktop version.
  • TonyTony Member Posts: 4
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    I am also experiencing the same problem. I have just upgraded to Reckon Accounts Hosted 2019 R2 and the "Enable STP" is not showing under Company Prefences
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,925 Administrator
    edited July 2019
    Hi Tony,
    STP is enabled by default in the Hosted 2019 & Accounts Business 2019 R2 editions now that its mandatory from this financial year so there's no more tick box to enable STP functionality.
  • TonyTony Member Posts: 4
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    Okay thanks Rav.

    I was followng the steps provided by Reckon Support and Step 1) must have an old screenshot which shows the "Enable Single Touch Payroll" tick box 
  • TonyTony Member Posts: 4
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    I am struggling to find a End of Payroll/Financial Year checklist which I tend to print and follow each year to ensure I haven't forgotten anything.
    Is there one available this year ?
  • SavannaSavanna Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2019
    Yes thanks Rav
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