Feeling Good about Reckon Phone APP

Timothy E MylneTimothy E Mylne Member Posts: 49
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Thank you for taking up the ATO request for providing a low/no cost STP reporting software.  With the run up to 30th June coming so close to the introduction for micro employers' 01/07/2019 participation; as a quiet observer watching the "conversations", I appreciate the challenge you have chosen to meet. I have seen many frustrations in the opening moments for countless  employers who clearly have found they have no choice but to "fall in line" with the ATO/Government chosen approach to this particular reporting.  I have no doubt the new financial year may yet again present a continuation of the challenges Reckon has agreed to meet. THANK YOU. 


  • SandySandy Member Posts: 4
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    Yes, I agree with Timothy.  There will be teething problems (I have had a few, but adding a negative adjustment hopefully has fixed the major one concerning initial balances) but it is generous of Reckon to provide this at no cost to micro businesses such as ours.  The latest app update with the YTD figures for employees is extremely useful for helping to reconcile the ATO's figures to ours.  Hopefully the ATO will also be generous and cut us some slack with the odd mistake which is bound to occur. THANK YOU to Reckon from me, too.
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