Previous payruns have disappeared from the ATO

Alli HopkinsAlli Hopkins Member Posts: 13
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I have been using the single touch payroll app for a month now. I did an adjustment last week to correct a previous payrun which was successful and my employee checked her MyGov and her income & tax were correct. I have today lodged her pay for last week and ticked that it was the last one for the financial year. It came back as finalised and approved by the ATO but when my employee checks her MyGov the previous amounts have gone and only this last payrun is recorded and it says it is TAX READY? Why have the previous payruns disappeared from the ATO and how can I correct this?


  • Alli HopkinsAlli Hopkins Member Posts: 13
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    I now realize when I look at my employees pay summary that it is showing the last pay run I put through today in the 2019-20 financial year.  Rav how do I change this back to the 18-19 year as it should be?
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