Incorrect final amounts reported to ATO

Melanie MurryMelanie Murry Member Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Single Touch Payroll App
I downloaded the STP app and entered employee information and year-to-date amounts in mid June 2019. I only had one pay run to do before the end of the year so had to tick this pay run as the final one of the year. I could not find anywhere in the app that I could confirm the total amounts that were being reported to the ATO for the year so I just had to assume they were correct. After I had submitted it I found Pay Summary info within each employees record which shows the full financial year details I had reported and discovered that it hadn't included the Year to Date amounts I had entered, it just had the amounts from the final pay run of the year. I have now submitted the wrong amounts to the ATO. What can I do to fix?
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