1st pay in 2019/20 processing

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Good News....Finally all my pay events in Gov Connect have status "Success". Except 26/6/19 pay run but it has upload the EOFY pay event so all good sort of! some much wasted time.

When processing 1st pay of new year in PP 2019/20. Dates on payslips were mixed up.
The pay run was for 27th June to 3rd Jul and date paid 4th Jul.
Payslips showed 28th Jun to 4th Jul and date paid 3rd Jul.
I manually edited each employees pay to the correct dates then printed payslips. This worked but this shouldn't be happening. I had loaded the patch prior to running pays.
We will see what happens next week.


  • Tanya Briggs
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    We have the same error, so I am looking for a solution too.