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I am using Single Touch Payroll App for my first payroll run. I haven't made any employee payments this year so I skipped this option when first starting the app. However, when creating my first payroll run the appears to have asked for this again (why ?) It appears I incorrectly entered previous payment details (when asked again) in my first payroll run. I can't seem to correct this. How can I recover from this ?


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    Hi Grant,
    If I recall correctly, if you opt to skip the step where the app asks you if your staff have been paid already this year (rather than saying no), it will ask you again when you create the first pay run.
    If you have already made a submission and incorrect figures have been sent, you can create an adjustment to correct.
    In the Pay Run screen, click the blue + symbol and select 'New Adjustment'. You can create and send a negative balance adjustment.
  • Grant CGrant C Member Posts: 8
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    Hi Rav,

    it was when I was setting up my first employee. I haven't registered the Software ID with the ATO so I haven't submitted a pay run to adjust.

    Looking at it more its the Pay summary for the Employee Record that is incorrect and I can't correct it. I can only edit the Profile not the Pay summary.

    It would be reasonable to expect this could be changed before submitting the first pay run.

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    I also have this same problem. I entered the ytd amounts incorrectly when setting up my first employee. I haven't sent the first pay run to the ato yet as I can see my mistake, but I can't fix it

  • Grant CGrant C Member Posts: 8
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    I still haven't managed to fix my mistake.

    I tried registering a new profile but it wouldn't allow me to do so with the same company details.

    I could change the details of the first incorrect user (Name and TFN) and exclude them from the Pay Run. However I'm not sure if this now dummy user will be included in my companies overall tax return.

    At this stage I'm thinking I will cut my losses and try another Single Touch Payroll application instead.
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