How do I process end of year payroll on Reckon phone App

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    Hi Toni,
    When creating & sending the final pay run for the year on the free STP app, you will need to mark the final pay checkbox.

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    Didn't work for me, as I posted in another thread,
    have a similar issue,
    8th Jul, submitted a final payrun for Jun 30th, pay date June 30th, so in mygov income statement it's wiped out the accruals (1 pay run in May, submitted 19th June ) and replaced the figures with the 30th June payrun, but it says the mygov is from 1st May thru 30th June. 

    However, in the STP app, in the paysum for employee (which is me as it's my company), it shows the FY 2019-2020 !! as the amounts of the 30th June 2019 pay run (which is actually the prior FY 2018/19. So it seems both mygov and the STP app are both messed up now.

    Anyone have an ideas how to fix/reset/ the figures? 
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    Discovered you can't SUBMIT in July for dates in June, as the APP & mygov use the actual submission date, not the dates you've entered into the app. Also the fine print on the ATO says submissions must be physically done before 1st July - would be nice to have this noted up-front, given most companies do submissions post 30th June.  So I fixed mine with adjustments and then a further June adjustment (I hade a $0 payrun from early June), so I'll ensure I have a few spare $0 pay runs in June 2020 just in case.
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    How do i adjust a final submission pay run

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