Year to date figures on Pay slips showing last years data

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Hi Rav, Please would you assist with this issue.

Payroll Premier 2019-20  (problem 3)

I have updated to Payroll Premier 2019-20, have replaced the RINBexe file so that the end of FY STP file would work.

I opened our Payroll Premier 2018-19 data file in Payroll Premier 2019-20 and followed the upgrade data procedure.

I have created the end of year file STP file and all last years pays are marked as final.

I archived the data file.  On the advanced tab I ticked to “Archive All Employees And Their Pays” and ticked to “Remove Pays From Current Company”.

In the archived file I created a pays report.  No pay data was showing (as expected).

After the first pay run in the new file, dated 1 July 2019, the pays report for the current pay is correct.  A pays report for the period 1 July 2018 to 1 July 2019 is also correct, it only shows the new pays.  The new STP report is correct and only shows this years pays however:

  • The YTD figure on all the pay slips includes old pays and is therefore incorrect.
Please would someone tell me how to fix this.



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    I have received a fix from Reckon for this issue:

    As per your concerns it looks like the YTDs have not refreshed on the payslips. Please try these steps once and check if it works for you.

    1. Please go to the Payruns window by clicking on the Payruns button in the toolbar. Once the window appears please close it. Please do not process the payrun just close the window.
    2. Go to the Employees Window now and double click on the employee who has incorrect values.
    3. Go to the History tab of the employee and check if Gross is fine. If it is then please click OK and it will give you a message as per the screen shot below.
    4. Please click yes and it should update the records for that employee. Please do this for all the employees which has incorrect YTDs. Check the payslips after the modifications and see if the YTDs got updated correctly.
    5. If it does not update Try rebuilding the file and check.