Payment Summaries RESC incorrect 19/20

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I installed the patch to fix the RESC on my 2019-2020 payroll premier and it did not fix the problem. There is still 1 employee showing RESC and they shouldn't. I have run a super report for the whole year and confirmed that did not have any RESC for the last financial year.

I thought the issue from 18/19 would have been fixed but obviously not.


  • Sylvia Daniels_9926041
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    Hi Kylie, we had the same problem and found that if our employee was a Non-resident then we had the glitch. Reckon dialled into the computer, changed it to TFN claimed, and then we redid the STP reports, reloaded to ATP and it was OK - but we had to upgrade to 2019-2020 to make it work.  We then had to reverse it back when we had finished the report.  Hope it helps. We are using Payroll Premier

  • Kylie_9377946
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    Thanks so much Sylvia your a life saver! That was my issue too so thanks :)