Reckon Govconnect error message re:child mandatory element [Line1T] was expected but not found

Debbie JohnstonDebbie Johnston Member Posts: 1
Reckon Govconnect error message that includes "Hint: while processing parent element [AddressDetailsPostal] child mandatory element [Line1T] was expected but not found". I have just spent hours waiting on the phone, first to the ATO and then Reckon to find out that the problem is being caused when you create the STP report. Under the pay run date DO NOT TICK Full File Replacement, or any of the 3 boxes. Create the file again with the boxes unticked and upload it to Reckon Govconnect and it will work! The old file with the error on it just stays on the file so replace it with a new version created without any of those 3 boxes ticked. Then continue to upload further pay runs completed after the one with the error report. This tip should save you a lot of waiting time on the phone!
Cheers, Deb.


  • John GraetzJohn Graetz Member Posts: 1,652 ✭✭
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    Thanks for letting the Community know, Debbie
    John L G
  • GillianGillian Member Posts: 38
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    Outstanding Debbie, thank you.  I have a similar issue but after spendng 90 mins on hold to Reckon the other day I was avoiding having to sort it out :-)

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