How do I remove an ABN from my STP app?

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I operate two community groups and tried to set up the second one with ABN 99095805914 on the STP app.It said this was already registered so I thought the problem must be because I was using the same email address. I then tried my email and got the same result. I then used a different gmail account I have for this community group only to be told it was already registered.
How can I delete this ABN off the three email addresses I used?
If anyone has any answers it would be great.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,942 Administrator
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    Hi Fay,
    When I look at the registration for that ABN 99095805914, its already registered on the app under an email address which isn't the same as the one you've used on this Community account.

    Can you please confirm the 3 email address you've attempted to use.
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    [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

    The only other option is out treasurer who "was trying this app" and her email is [email protected]

    Thanks Fay
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