when is someone going to take my call Ihave been waiting 1 hr when told the wait time was 10 min

Graham Lyn Harding
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  • Rav
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    Hi Graham,
    I'm really sorry to hear we've kept you waiting so long on your call this morning.
    Unfortunately we do have some queues at the moment which our teams are working very hard to get through all calls as quickly & thoroughly as possible.

    Have you had a chat with a team member as yet?
  • Greg Tenni_8946652
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    Graham - you're lucky you at least got through to the robo-mongrel. When I phoned on 2 July I just got "Bugger off - we're busy" Click!
    Great support when you need it most.
  • Kathleen Thompson
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    Hi Graham,

    I found that calling as late as possible 5.00 pm did the trick, as I'm in WA that meant after 3.00 pm
  • Helen Bowers
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    Graham. I am only too happy to hear your problem and see if I can be of assistance. There is an enormous lot of data that we have put on the Payroll Premier chat pages in the last seven or eight weeks, so I hope you went through that to see if there were some helpful hints.