Issues with Reckon Accounts Tech Support - Incompetence

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I am having major issues with Reckon Business Range Tech Support not understanding what I am saying.

It seems like the support "specialist" operator does not speak fluent English. I have explained multiple times what the issue is, and it should be quite simple for the"specialist" to understand as I have explained in clear, step by step detail. However, the operator keeps repeating the same questions as to what the problem is. I keep answering the questions, and he is offering no support in anyway. Instead, I keep getting put on hold without warning.

I have requested multiple times to speak with a supervisor and the "specialist" operator refuses to transfer the call or even put me on a waiting list to speak with a supervisor, regularly putting me into radio silence without any word.

I have requested the employees ID number, and the employee refuses to release that information.

I am calling the New Zealand office: 0800 933 666


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    Yes, here in Australia I have the very same problem. There is a flurry of videos they keep referring to but the phone support is useless. There are many other products out there, similarly priced, that offer real support. I suggest you look at those.
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    Thanks! I'll look into it.
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    What's the actual  issue? Other than that. Maybe someone here could help.
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    I was using accounts plus 2018, and was told that I can no longer use this to lodged my stp as at 1st august 2019.  That I will have to pay $590 for an annual amount just to use stp.  that is not going to happen so I have found stp lodgement services that I can use instead of paying $590.  Reckon  are not supporting their current clients in regards to this which is dissapointing.
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    Thanks Tim for your reply and for finding my other post with the issue and replying to that as well. I corrected the issue yesterday by going through the same steps you advised.
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    There is a free Reckon app for everyone on Iphone to lodge STP. It is deliberately limited but may work for some of us.
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