Pay run Still Pending

Jack RossJack Ross Member Posts: 3
I have the free STP App. I have had several weekly pay runs but there is one from 12th August still showing as pending. I have tried refreshing but it doesn't change. Not sure where to go from here?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,785 Administrator
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    Hi Jack,
    If you go into that pay run itself and hit the status it should update to the most recent response from the ATO and show either 'Success' or 'Error'.

    Let me know if that changes anything
  • Jack RossJack Ross Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2019
    Hi Rav, No I have tried that. There are several pay runs before and three after that have all been submitted successfully. All the pay runs are for the same employees and the same amount each week. The status shows as 'submitted to ATO' and 'Awaiting response from ATO'
    I was even seeing if I could delete it and re-submit it but I can't see how. 
  • MpMp Member Posts: 1
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    Just wondering, if you ended up with an answer, as I too have the same issue. Going back in made no difference. Have been using this app since July with no issue. I should also mention ATO have confirmed they received the payment and suggested I contact reckon as it is to do with the reckon stp app.
    Please help.

  • Jack RossJack Ross Member Posts: 3
    edited January 20
    No it still shows as pending. Not worried about it anymore. Couldn't get any more assistance from Reckon. Possibly because I only have the free version of STP.
  • KevinKevin Member Posts: 15
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    any solution? or just have it nor reconcile? ATO should be responsible for this mess
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