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Kaye Fogarty
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I am getting the message Invalid Product Key when trying to upload my STP report and have followed your instructions and changed the V2 to V1 with no success.  Last week when I did a payrun we had to reinstall Payroll Premier 2019/20 version as no information was printing on our payslips other than superannuation details.

Can you tell me what I am supposed to do next please?  


  • Rav
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    Hi Kaye,
    Welcome to the Community.
    Are you using Payroll Premier 2019/20?
    Unfortunately, manually changing the V2 to V1 won't work anymore but rather, to resolve this just download and install our patch update for Payroll Premier 2019/20.

    Check out full details and instructions here -
    Payroll Premier 2019/20 Patch Update
  • Meg Belton
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    Kaye, I also had this problem and installing the patch wasn’t the only step I also had to go into company information and change the phone number so there were no spaces or brackets just numbers. Hope this helps and good luck. Cheers Meg
  • Kaye Fogarty
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    Hi Meg and Rav
    The patch has worked for me.  Thanks for your input.