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Invoices all of a sudden are not printing correctly.  When i go into the layout design they look perfect  but when i preview or print there all over the place with extra columns.  I have checked the screen & print order numbers and all looks to be fine.  I have set up many invoice templates before but haven't come across this problem.  This file is on Reckon Premier 2017.


  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi Andy,

    When did you last successfully make use of that specific invoice template with no problems?

    Have you created backups of your company data file when there were no problems?

    If it is only a specific invoice template that is affected, consider creating a new invoice template.

    On your specific company data file:

    - Can any template print correctly?

    - Can any invoice template print correctly?

    - Can you print any of the default templates correctly?

    On the sample company or a blank newly created data file:

    - Can you print any of the default invoice templates correctly?

    If you have a good older backup from a time when the invoices printed correct, consider restoring a copy of that backup and extracting from it the good template.

    When restoring the good older backup, DO NOT overwrite the existing current company file.
    Give the restored data file a slightly different name such as "OLD FILE - <my company name>.QBW"

    Confirm whether that template prints or previews correctly.

    KB - Exporting and importing your invoice and other templates from one file to another in Reckon Accounts


    Data Recovery Team