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I have quite a large Reckon Hosted 2019 File that I have tried to backup via Hosted to the B: drive.  It took several hours and hung on 99% for quite some time, then returned the error: Warning: Unable to commit file write operation to disk.
I see others have had this issue with portable drives, but this is onto the Hosted B: drive so not sure what to do here.
Does anyone else have this issue and how do you get around it?


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    Can you create a portable file?  perhaps do that to the B drive - then download the file from the B drive - restore it - and then try doing a backup again locally?
    Alternatively - try the backup again - but this time with verification turned off.. see how long it takes... if reasonably quick - then the issues is with the verifying process - so again you might want to take the file down offline and do the rebuilds etc locally?  
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    What you want to do is copy the file to your desktop and back it up there. It's a snip. Call me 0407744914
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