Payroll Premier - STP report is blank

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The STP reporting function has been working fine since July 2019, and now all of a sudden I get blank reports.  I have read the posts, backed up, rebuilt data files, deleted pays and redone the pays.  Still blank STP reports.

Please help Using Payroll Premier 2019/2020.  Is there a patch or something else I can do?


  • Mario_10087432
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    Hi Anna, 

    STP reports are blank because of data corruption within the file. 

    In such cases, it would be best that you restore to a backup where STP reports generate correctly, and re-do the remaining payruns. (If you run Payroll Premier from your local computer, Payroll Premier creates backups automatically after every pay run. You can find them in C:\QPRollV28\Backup)

    If that's not feasible, begin troubleshooting by following Create a backup with a different file name and run a test pay run to check if STP generates correctly. 

    Alternatively, you can contact our Data Recovery team, who can repair data files (charges apply).