Stp mobile app mistake in employee set up with "last day"

Cynthia SpoorCynthia Spoor Member Posts: 1
edited April 23 in Reckon Payroll App
When setting up employee details I now realise I should have left "last day" blank. Instead I entered it as the last day of the period for YTD figures which was 29/2/20. The start date was 1/7/19. I later did an adjustment to an amount for one employee and this was approved by ATO. I then realized my mistake with the employee set up and edited them and removed date before lodging my first pay run which started on 30/3/20 and finished on 12/4/20 whIch was approved by ATO. I then checked Mygov and it is showing YTD figures which are correct. However dates show as 29/2/20 to 12/4/20 and 30/3/20 to 12/4/20 for the.other. Need help. How can I correct this to show 1/7/19 to 12/4/20 for both employees.
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