Invalid provider number?

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On my mobile STP App whilst doing my weekly pay run a message came up which asked me to call the ATO and give them my software provider number. I already did this when I joined nearly 12 months ago but with the JobKeeper thought maybe it had to be updated. I rang the ATO just now and the lady told me the number I have is invalid and to contact you and ask is this the correct number. Can someone either call or advise me what to do as I’ve called Reckon who said I have to refer to Community Hub. Liz Taylor


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    Hi Liz,
    We're looking into an issue affecting some app users where all of a sudden the app is asking to confirm the Software ID registration again. There are also cases where the app is asking to confirm the YTD amounts paid to the employee.

    The key thing here is, if you've already registered your Software ID with the ATO and your payruns are going through as normal and successfully then the only thing you need to do is tick the 'I have notified the ATO' option in the 'Settings' section of the app. 
    Again though, please only do this if you have registered the Software ID and from the sounds of it you certainly have.
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