New to Accounting and need help with a transaction

Anthony KyteAnthony Kyte Member Posts: 1
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Hi, I am a new treasurer of an association using reckon one. A member has paid an invoice for $75 however paid $75.02. How do I enter this into the system so it recognizes the person paid an extra 2 cents as credit for next time. It won't let me enter 75.02 on the invoice as paid. I thought I would make a journal entry on the bank account payment, using accounts receivable but cant figure out how to link this to the invoice and a credit. 


  • Vicki N Nathan LaffyVicki N Nathan Laffy Member Posts: 3
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    I would think you will need to do a customer adjustment note for the 2 cents & then allocate that to the approved invoice; then make the payment of the invoice - I know it's a pain in the butt but that's the only way to credit an invoice that I know off!
  • Geoff BryantGeoff Bryant Member Posts: 60
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    This can be done via  "Receive money" on the main menu.
    Click on the green Add button, fill in all the details making sure you UN-check  the se Transaction Total checkbox.
    When you click on save and close a pop up will ask you if you want to issue a credit for this customer and you click on issue credit.
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