Fix required: Error: Declined Pay run: The total digits constraints failed

Olivia De CesareOlivia De Cesare Member Posts: 6
edited July 16 in Single Touch Payroll App
i have a warning error that cannot be cleared. I have tired 8 times to submit/adjust the last two payruns, every time with the same result. i have updated, deleted and reinstalled the app, still with no luck. please provide a fix / work around.




  • Joseph LiJoseph Li Member Posts: 343
    edited May 16
    Olivia, I think robin has found a solution to this error. The heading of robins post is Error.
  • Olivia De CesareOlivia De Cesare Member Posts: 6
    edited May 16
    Thanks Joseph. I will try to find her post :) The plot thickens- I have since logged onto the business portal and can see that all error files were actually successfully sent to the ato, and I have now submitted the same pay run 8 times :| I will be switching STP provider at EOY cut over, what a shamble #fuckinguseless
  • Kenneth ChristieKenneth Christie Member Posts: 1
    edited July 16
    Hi Rav has this error been resolved ?? i had the same issue but since changed to paid payroll version and no longher have this issue, Is it a bug in software to force you to upgrade to paid version?
    I now have differences in payroll from my own excel sheet to what reckon provides but pay runs are all the same just copy and submit - Your help to resolve would be appreciated  
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