Ato not recognising additional employee for innkeeper. Reckon needs to recognise employee? Please

Andrea curtisAndrea curtis Member Posts: 7
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I have been paying my employees innkeeper and updated 1 further employee. Ato advised the additional employee is not recognised. Please advise what to do


  • Eric MurphyEric Murphy Member Posts: 121
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    What is innkeeper? Do you mean JobKeeper?

    Did you add the JobKeeper pay item to the new employee you want to pay? You need to make sure you do so that the ATO know who is eligible

    Reckon has documents on this at the top of the forum page
  • Andrea curtisAndrea curtis Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2020
    Hi Thanks for your feedback.  Unsure where this function is in the free Reckon payroll App?  All it shows is payroll run, e'ees and I cannot see where or how to identify for job keeper?

    Guidance would be appreciated.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,278 Community Manager
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    Hi Andrea,
    You'll find info on the JobKeeper process when using the free STP app in our help guide here -
    Reckon STP Mobile App JobKeeper Guide
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