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Inventory Integration Accounts Hosted to Cloud POS

EHSSEHSS Member Posts: 13
edited June 2020 in Accounts Hosted

We have recently set up Reckon Cloud POS as we were an existing Reckon Accounts Hosted customer. We have all our items set up in the item list in RAH and the Cloud POS is synced and on command will post EOD to Hosted which looks like individual sales receipt arriving in RAH.

This has turned out to be a disaster though. We have about 20-50 transactions a day, and now Cloud POS posts every single transaction into our Income and COGS. This has resulted in our P/L reports to have an insane amount of entries.

The other problem we are experiencing is that the individual sales receipts do not indicate if the sale was made via Cash, Eftpos or Cheque (however we can get the totals of the ZReport from Cloud POS).

I thought we would get the ZReport Totals in RAH, to then match each day’s total (Cash, Eftpos) with our bank account income (Cash deposited 1.06.2020) to reconcile our income.

How do I handle the 400+ individual sales receipts in my monthly P/L??

How do I reconcile my bank account income to my ZReport Totals without doubling up on the income (currently each sales receipt is income and then the bank account cash deposit is income as well).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It turns out to be very difficult to find an accountant or bookkeeper who can help with Reckon RAH + Reckon Cloud POS.

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