I have a STP account the email address is no longer operational, so requires to be updated to a new

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A few weeks ago there was an update to the STP App, I tried to sign in and I was unsuccessful... ok I may have got the password wrong... I know that I can reset the password, but have not done so as the email address I have been using for STP has been disabled and I can no longer get into it now. I see the only solution is to have my email address changed and a new password word set so that I can access my STP before financial year end please. Hopefully some one can please help asap with my issue. Kind regards


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    Hi Peter,
    I should be able to help you with this.
    Can you let me know the following details on a signed business letterhead;
    - ABN you have registered into your app account
    - Full legal entity name
    - Current email address you have registered to your app account

    If you can send that through to me at [email protected] I'll take a look. 
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    Hi Rav Thx I will email you the details on Monday Kind rgds Peter
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    Hi Rav I still can not log into the STP App after following your instructions .... Trying to reset my password to my new email address ... I do not receive the confirmation change of password email to be able to reset my password ... please help thx
  • carolnickocarolnicko Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav, could you please reset my company also?

    ABN: 63 284 407 092

    Sandra Joy McKinlay

    Current email is [email protected]

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,763 Administrator

    Hi @carolnicko,

    Can you give me a bit more info on this one, specifically what needs to be reset?. Do you mean you need to update your email address for your app account?

    Do you still have access to the STP app account currently? ie. email address & password. If so, if you follow these instructions;

    • Logout of your account on the app (Settings - Logout)
    • Head over to the Reckon Portal here - https://portal.reckon.com/ and login with your existing STP app account details ie. email address & password.
    • Click on 'Profile' in the top right corner
    • You'll be able to update your email address on this page
    • Click SAVE
    • Login to the STP app with your new email address
  • carolnickocarolnicko Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav,

    The problem is I can't remember the password for the account and we don't have access to that email address anymore. I really need to finalise the end of year payment summaries ASAP.

    Can you reset it from your end? Her new email address is [email protected] if that helps.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,763 Administrator

    Thanks for getting back to me @carolnicko,

    Ok it sounds like we need to make some changes on our end to re-establish access to your account, particularly as you no longer have access to the original email address.

    Before the team can initiate any action on changing account access, a requirement is written & signed consent on a business letterhead needs to be sent to us. It will need to contain your full name, ABN registered to the app, current app account email address, new app account email address and a brief description of what has happened ie. essentially exactly what you've outlined in your post.

    If you can shoot that through to me at [email protected] ATTN: Rav and let me know when you've done that I'll get the ball rolling. Please include the link to this discussion in your email.

  • carolnickocarolnicko Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav,

    I have emailed everything as requested. Thank you.

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