Import employees to payroll premier

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I need to start a new datafile as ours is too large, can I export the employee list from payroll premier and import to the new payroll premier database


  • Mia
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    Hi Linda,

    I am experiencing the same issue with my current file and is looking to create a new file for FY20/21. Have you found an easier way on employee data transfer? We have 150 employees and it is impossible to manually enter them one by one. 


  • Samantha_9713244
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    Hi Linda & Mia,

    Wondering if you found a way to export/import employee details?

    I have been experiencing data corruptions after each payrun since loading the 2020/21 version of Payroll Premier - Reckon have told me we a new company file as ours is too large - BUT I would have to load each employee manually. 
    I find it amazing that a company like Reckon wouldnt have an export/import option, especially when they are telling me the max file size should be 20MB - obviously many people are going to experience this issue. 
  • Mia
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    Hi Samantha,

    I had data corruption issues for a long time and got same suggestion from Reckon technical support team. We have 146 employees and I found it simply impossible for me to type in all employees details before next payrun. Then I contacted Reckon Data Migration team and spend  $730 to get all employee data migrated. Since it is the start of new financial year, there is no need to copy all previous pay cheques, otherwise the costing would be huge...It took them a week to finish and have several employees info copied incorrectly...but I think still worth it.