Amending 2019 payroll on Reckon Desktop (STP)

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I need to amend STP payroll for 2 missed employees. Where can I find instructions to make this amendment?


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    I am having this issue too, this is for a closely held employee who was not on the payroll system in 2019 as the accountant did all at the end of FY. When I try to add a finalisation report to 2019fy it tells me I must delete current one. I think this would cause major issues when it is 2 financial years ago? (With new rules for closely held via stp I have added employee following year but am presuming I will also have to amend her start date on employee card & make a separate payrun for the annual wage before amending?)  i can't find any instructions how to amend a finalisation besides saying 'do an update event', not sure where that is? 
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    There's never any actual help in these threads...