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STP back pay 1819 Lum Sum E

Leigh YooLeigh Yoo Member Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in Single Touch Payroll App
I'm using Reckon STP Single touch payroll

On 31 March 2020, I reported a FY1819 backpay in STP by choosing prior year pay period, the amount is $12,612. please see below image.

Prior to this, I didnt use STP to report any pay run for this employee for FY1819. All other pay runs for this emplyee were reported for FY1920.

However, when I checked under Employee - Pay summary, I see nothing reported under FY18/19. Please see image
Instead, when I checked the FY1920 total, this back pay has been inlcuded in FY1920 total.

Please help me, what can I do to make this back pay show up in FY1819 Pay summary?

Thank you




  • Acctd4Acctd4 Accredited Partner Posts: 1,213 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2020

    Hi Leigh


    I don’t have much to do with the App but can tell you that:

    1. “Lump Sum E” is specifically for amounts being paid in arrears for prior periods (usually 12+ months).  However, the Pay Date is the relevant date (FY) of when it is reported eg if you have PAID it in this FY, it should be reported as such (in 2020) so the reporting date in this FY is correct.

    2.The free App is only intended for very basic payroll reporting ONLY (hence why it is free) – Gross Payments, Allowances & SGC (9.5%) Super. 

    It is unable to report on any other payment types so you would need to use one of Reckon’s alternative paid STP-compliant platforms/accounting products eg Reckon One, Reckon Accounts / Reckon Accounts Hosted or Payroll Premier for other payments.



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