Delete a trial Book from 2 years ago and start a new one for the FY 2020-2021

Mike Elliott
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I signed up for a trial version of Reckon One 2 years ago but chose to stay with the desktop version of Reckon Accounts instead. My accountant has now requested I use an online version of Reckon One instead so he can support me remotely.
The only entry I added at the time was a starting balance and company information. The balance has changed significantly since then and I would like reactivate my Reckon One account to start afresh for the new FY 2020-2021.
It appears from many of the posts that it is not possible to delete a book and start again. Most of the posts are from the time I was investigating Reckon One and I'm hoping this has now changed and is now available to do.
My experience within the accounting field is very limited and any assistance would be appreciated. How would I reset the balance of the current book to the start of this new financial year with the correct amount?
Again, any assistance you can offer would be appreciated.