STP end of financial report does not reconcile with approved pay run

Adhitya GautamaAdhitya Gautama Member Posts: 2
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Hi There,

I am trying to lodge the end of financial year (FY2020) STP Report. However, the gross pay amount for an employee is significantly overstated compares to the tally of individual pay run.  The individual pay run is reconciled with my  payroll data so its the STP report that is inaccurate. 

I read in the past discussion about inaccurate employee STP pay summary. The advice from Reckon was that this is something that is okay as long that the data in ATO business portal is accurate.  So, how can we lodge an end of financial year STP report doesnt reconcile with the ATO data+individual STP pay run ?

Can anybody know how to fix this Reckon STP EOFY report?

Much Appreciated,


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