EOFY Reconciliation through STP App

Helen EarlHelen Earl Member Posts: 11
edited July 2020 in Single Touch Payroll App
Hi  I have just submitted EOFY figures and after doing this I checked the final figures against my payslips and Reckon shows at least $1000 more in each employees EOFY report then me. I have checked every pay submitted against my payslips and the only discrepancy I find is 60 cents on one gross payment, I have checked to make sure every pay run has been submitted and done and they all have. I have already submitted a file via my payroll system to ATO so will the reckon figures overwrite that? if I do a adjustment what date should I use my last payrun was 24th June but if I use this date it will wipe out a full pay week, can I use 30th June? PS I have posted this question on multiple other questions but not getting a reply!!!
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