Error: Upload error - ATO sent poll response but the service failed to deserialize it

Lambert Kitchens
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I am using 2019-2020 Payroll Premier.  Our last pay run was the 30 June 2020 and I uploaded the export file to the Reckon Portal.  The above error is coming up against the file.  I assumed that the ATO did not receive the file however, when I checked the ATO Business Portal, the file had been received.  

I need to upload the final event for the end of year but am reluctant to as I fear that the file may not be transmitted to the ATO as a result of the error and I will spend hours on the telephone both to Reckon and ATO trying to resolve the problem.

I have telephoned Reckon support and spoken to 3 different people who have each given me different advice on the 3 occasions.  They were less than helpful and did not have an understanding of the problem.  I found out more about it on the internet.  

I was advised by Reckon that it was an ATO problem and the ATO advised me that it was a Reckon problem.  No-one wants to take ownership!!!  I am getting very frustrated and angry.

I can see that this problem has been reported previously by members of the community on several occasions but the difference with my situation is that the ATO has received the STP for our last payroll.  

Do I go ahead the take the chance and lodge the final event or is there a solution?


  • Christine Byrne
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    Hi, I got the same message, but my file is there.
    I went into my own Mygov account and it all seems good the statement is there saying tax ready.
    So frustrating when you don't know if it is right or not!!