STP app does not add up end of year amounts correctly? Using v1.12.9.

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The STP Free app on v1.12.9 does not add up the EOY pay run correctly. How can this be corrected? I don't see why we should make adjustments to pay runs when they are correct and the app has doubled counted one pay run as far as I can ascertain.


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    I have employee doubled and the other gross and super is out?
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    Hi Annette, ours is one gross pay and payg run has been doubled, Super is ok.  We have tripled checked it of course and the calculation in the app or algorithm has to be incorrect. Really disappointed in the company's response so far from a customer service perspective.
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    Cross posting :
    I am also having this problem. I have triple checked all the amounts entered by employee/month with a colleague, and they are all correct.

    I am running v1.13.0.

    The EOFY totals calculated by the Reckon STP app do not add up to the monthly totals.

    It appears that the July 2019 amounts are in some cases being added twice into the EOFY totals, as another commentor noted, but not in all cases : there are some random amounts being added to other totals. For example, one amount is $2021 too high, which is very suspicious - memory leak of the 20/21 financial year?

    My job is software tester, and this definitely is a defect in the software.

    I am not prepared to put in an adjustment to make the Reckon EOFY totals correct, as it seems to me that doing so will make the monthly totals incorrect, and I'm not going to risk the ATO's wrath by doing so.

    I have correctly entered all the employee/month totals, and it should not be beyond reasonable expectations that the software will accurately add up those numbers to calculate the correct EOFY totals.
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    It seems that there is not a solution to the STP app addition problems that a number of SME's are still having with the Reckon STP App. I certainly have tried to have a conversation by email to their customer service and telephone with no positive outcomes, besides the advice to do an adjustment so their figures then add up correctly before sending to the ATO for EOY. This company and App is a certified ATO provider. Personally I think we should all engage with the ATO small business area so they know that the APP has problems and they then may then review their certification of a company where some of their products do not meet a standard required of the ATO. 
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    Myself and my mum are having the same issue. Just called them up and they say they don't support the free software. How disappointing. Will have a look at the other threads - thanks James. 
     What a waste of time. 
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    To provide a bit of context, the 'Pay Summary' section in the STP app does not show a 'live' figure of what the ATO has on their end. Rather, it shows an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up. Due to this, it can become out of sync with what your figures should be.

    If you're at the stage where you need to send through your EOFY finalisation here's what I'd recommend you do. First make sure you're on version v1.13.3 of the app if you aren't already (check your app store for any available updates).

    Go into your EOFY2019/20 report in the app and note down the figures its showing for each employee. If they are incorrect which it sounds like they are based on what you've mentioned then go out of the EOFY report and create an update event in the app for each employee to bring their balances in line with what they should be reality.
    Example: if the Pay Summary section in the app is showing $5000.00 gross pay  whereas in reality it should only be $3000.00 then the update event you create for that employee is -$2000.00 gross pay.

    Once you have done the necessary corrections, go back into the EOFY 2019/20 report and you will notice the figures are now correct there. 
    Send through the EOFY finalisation. When you do, the EOFY Report will OVERWRITE any and all balances that the ATO received PRIOR to that. This way you know that you're sending through the full & final correct YTD figures for each employee.

    The EOFY process is outlined in this help guide. Please refer to it -
    End of Financial Year finalisation using the STP app
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    'Hi Rav, what's the point of painstakingly doing this every time you pay someone when, at the end of the FY, the numbers don't add up correctly due to a software issue?  Then you have to manually work out what the figures should be anyway, then calculate the difference in all the totals so you can "put in an adjustment" just so the app reports the final figures properly to the ATO. 

    Essentially all your telling us is to work out your own final figures because the app can't, then adjust all the mistakes the app has come up with, so it changes all the correct the figures you've sent to the ATO in the last 12 months.  And then you override what you adjusted.  

    Perhaps you should just fix your software so it adds up correctly and works as it should . . . .

    You'd spend a lot less time explaining things to people, but it's good to know "we're all in this together . . . " 
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    Thank you for your reply.
    I had noticed the comments previously re a 1.13.1 version that also did not work.  I would like to say again that the figures are correct on the current app. They are also correct on other ATO reporting systems, e.g. BAS statements for gross and PAYG.
    You mention above that you think they are incorrect. They have been triple checked that they are all correct for each employee. 
    I will try the 1.13.3 app and will respond appropriately at that time.
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    v1.13.3 of the app brings in an enhancement which allows you to see the any initial YTD balances that were entered for an employee when they were first created in the app.
    INFO: IMPORTANT STP App UPDATE v1.13.3 - Initial YTD balances
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    Hi, Checked the app version as instructed - it has updated to 1.13.3. The figures still add up incorrectly. I am not comfortable changing/adjusting pay runs as suggested to have the app add up correctly so the ATO gets the correct figure that is then matched to other submissions. It sounds like fiddling the books to me rather than having a system that is suppose to support what has been processed within the business through the fin year. AND as mentioned the  figures are correctly shown for the pay runs. Is there a contact point the ATO to tell them I cannot submit from the STP app as it is incorrect?
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    Hi Kaye, I totally understand where your concerns are coming from. 
    We have been in frequent conversation with the ATO in regard to the EOFY process and documentation with our STP app.
    Following this, we're extremely confident in the app, we have also not received any indication from the ATO of any issues with how the STP app processes EOFY finalisations and in particular where an amendment to your Pay Summary figures may be required.

    In saying that, can the overall process in how the app displays Pay Summary figures be be improved? Yes, it most certainly can and that's what we're looking into as we speak.
    We've made some changes to the app already via updates to make the process clearer to understand both in the terminology we use in the app and also the display of initial YTD balances that have been entered. Our development team are continuing to look at further improvements.

    As I've mentioned above however, if you're at the stage where you're looking to send through your EOFY finalisation and need to make any corrections, please follow the steps outlined above or in this help guide -
    End of Financial Year finalisation using the STP app
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    I am sorry but I still do not get it. Why do I need to make corrections when what is entered and shows on the app is correct? That is besides the final figures that the App calculates?
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    Did you enter any initial YTD values for your employees when you first created them?
    You can check/see this by opening the breakdown of each employee in the EOFY2019/20 report.

    See my screenshot below for an example. It shows that I entered $500 for John Smith when I added him in the app. Check your own employees as well for this because as I've stated above, the figures you see are an accumulated total of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc PLUS any YTD pay balance that was entered for the employee when they were first set up.

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    I have the same issue. 
    Using v1.13.3.
    My pay runs are submitted monthly however my June pay run which was submitted on July 1 with a pay date of 15/6 has been omitted from the EOFY 19/20 but has been included in the EOFY 20/21 totals. 

    This isn't acceptable for an accounting software provider that is based on simple maths and date allocation. The issue with end of year totals need to be rectified immediately and adjustments should only need to be made in the case of an incorrect entry by the user and not a calculation/allocation error by the software provider. 
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    hi there,
    The 30 june draft eofy fy19/20 report shows lines and amounts for:
    Total gross pay
    Total tax withheld
     Total super
    Total allowances
    Total deductions.

    in our case there are amounts for the top 3 lines, Zeros for allowances and deductions which is correct.

    So no there are no amounts shown for initial year gross amounts. I only engaged with the app from june 1 2019. There are no amounts shown as pending error etc, all have been submitted shown by the 'done' label.
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    Let me get some detailed information from you so I can see where things are breaking down here.
    - ABN you have registered to your app account

    - What are your pay runs in the STP app adding up to (screenshots required)

    - What can you see in the EOFY Report (screenshots required)

    - What are you expecting to see

    Don't post that info here, send it to me in an email to [email protected] and let me know when you've sent it.

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    will do... thank you.  hopefully this can be sorted. 
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    Sending details as requested Rav.
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    Having same issue, ATO has been notified and are officially aware of this issue in regard to my account.

    Their suggestion is to wait until software is fixed or to put in the softwares' figures and then escalated the issue by calling the ATO.

    They did suggest that they may proceed with an internal investigation into this particular software if enough complaints are made.
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    Hi Grant,
    We ended up getting help directly from Rav at Reckon. I appreciated his help and he was very good, but in the end had to make an adjustment due to the app - I do still believe the issues have not yet been fixed, even with the 1.13.5 version of the app.
    As businesses we should be able to enter information as required and not have to create update events..or adjustments.. so the figures end up correct at the ATO end. The ATO certify companies based on the information they have provided. Other resources to push the correction of this app could be the Small business ombudsman (Kate Carnell) and/or Australian business. 
    Personally I think they are trying to fix it - as seen by now being up to the 1.13.5 version, but it may be good for them to communicate to all to ensure businesses are aware and triple check their figures before submitting eoy.

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    since it is only one week from the due date of eofy report, I have no choice but to follow the advise of Reckon to manually input an update event to balance out the software error. turn out it is the ytd balance which i create last financial year that add up into this year so made up an incorrect payment summary. also one employee got an incorrect balance apart from this ytd sum which i cannot find any reason for. hence i made the several update events, each to especially show the exact amount of “errors” which i want to balance out, as i cannot input any “reason” or “ justification” for why i am making such a big adjustment. as reckon has specifically point out here “ it is the final balance of payment summary that counts” . so i guess as long as your summaries figures in EOTY reports are correct, than it will be fine for now. As an “offical” software developer certified by ATO, Reckon should fix this problem asap tho.
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    I have lodged mine with ATO after a long discussion with them on the phone this morning regarding liability.

    They gave me two options.

    1. lodge as per the software and ring back once approved by ATO to detail the anomaly and request variation.

    2. make the adjustment in the software and then ring once approved to confirm reasoning why such a major adjustment.

    I ended up doing option 2

    I'm glad they record their phone calls, well message says they do, hopefully they can access them if required.
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