How to correct Super that is incorrect Reckon One (Payroll-Lite)

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Hoping that someone can assist.

Client is running RECKON ONE (Payroll Lite)

Corrected Super in pay Runs it showed up as RESC (which it isn't)
I have  deleted the "payrun adjustment" that I originally did that showed up in the RESC.

I have then gone into each affected employees Pay Runs and manually adjusted the Super for  Annual Leave (Leave Loading) as it isn't including the Super (even though it is marked in pay items - super to be included).

Have updated the STP file after each Pay run adjustment by doing an event update, for relevant employees.

This has not corrected the issue.

The RESC amount is no longer Showing but the Super is still not correct. It is now out by the amount that was showing under RESC.

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a solution, as the RESC has not been an Employee contribution/Salary Sacrifice, but is as part of the employers 9.5% Super contribution.

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated.