Delete employee and how to $0 her total pay.

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Hi. I am using the STP app. I have accidentally added the same employee twice. I am now wanting to delete the employee and zero her pay. I was able to delete her pay received by making an adjustment. However I can’t remove the lump sum pay from when I started doing STP. I remember when I added her during the financial year I had to state how much I had paid her already. This is the amount that I am trying to remove. Error: an unexpected error occurred. This has been logged for investigation. Can you please let me know how to do this. I have tried deleting her but an error comes up.image


  • Jenny NordonJenny Nordon Member Posts: 8
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    Does anyone know how long it takes support to answer questions. I really need to submit the EOFY report in the next couple of days and can’t send it through until I have fixed this error.
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    Employee cannot be deleted from App if successful pay runs have already been submitted for employee. Initial YTD figures can be removed by negative update event because initial YTD figures are part of YTD total figures.
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    I just set up an employee and put the payrun information in before doing the pay run. So if I do the payrun the amounts will double, how do i delete the initial information, I tried to delete her and re enter her , it wont let me delete her but I get the "unexpected error " message

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    I Just went in and deleted the pay run that was a draft then I was able to delete her , so I shall set her up again and not put any YTD figures in when i set her up.

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