Forgot to tick "this is last pay for FY"

Joanna CaryJoanna Cary Member Posts: 2
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I made an error and didn't tick the "this is last pay for FY" when I did the final pay run for 2019/20. Is it possible to go back into the pay run and rectify this error? I think this is preventing me from doing the EOFY report as I am not being given that option when I follow the instructions to submit an EOFY report.


  • HouiaryHouiary Member Posts: 1

    Hi I got the same problem. Have you find a way to fix it yet? Thank you.

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,886 Administrator

    Hi @Joanna Cary and @Houiary

    If you forgot to mark the submission as the last pay run for the financial year then all you need to do is submit the End of Financial Year Finalisation report.

    I'd recommend that you update to the latest version of the STP app which is currently v1.13.5 and then follow the process outlined in this help guide -

    HELP GUIDE: End of Financial Year Finalisation with the STP app

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