Ability to modify Reckon One invoices

Claire Elder
Claire Elder Member Posts: 11
edited July 2020 in Reckon One
I really need to be able to modify any of the templates available in Reckon One. The Notes box would be handy if it could go up into the header area so I can then use it for the Purchase Order No and Job Site. It would also be handy if I could have an additional custom field in the content so that I can add the date of works as well as the description.

I understand Reckon One is only a basic system but surely it can have some flexibility in it. Invoices to one of our customers have to be very specific and the inability modify a template with the fields that are available is making it difficult to meet their requirements.

Having just spent alot of $$$ migrating data from Accounts Hosted I'm really starting to regret the move.