RECKON ELITE: How do I move Elite to a new PC?

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This article describes how to move Reckon Elite to a new PC.

1. First take note of your previous PC's Machine ID and your Customer ID. 

  • Go to Reckon Elite > Practice Setup > Enter Unlock Codes 

2. On the old PC run a backup of the database from your existing PC 

  • Go to Elite Practice Management > Practice Setup > Backup > Standard Backup

3. On your new PC install Elite PM, Tax and other Elite applications you are using

4. Locate the new Machine ID

  • Go to Practice Setup > Unlock Codes > Top right corner of unlock code entry screen

5. Call the Elite Licensing team on 1300 306 561 to register the new Machine ID

6. On the new PC restore the database from a current backup.

  • Go to Practice Setup > restore > follow on screen instructions

7. In Practice Management complete the PLS Setup using M2M Credentials. 

For full instructions on how to set up M2M Credentials select from the appropriate instructions:

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