RECKON ELITE: Tax Forms and Troubleshooting Webinar (23 July) - REGISTER NOW!

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Hi everyone,
Our team are holding an important webinar on Elite – Tax Forms and Troubleshooting, presented by our Reckon Elite product owner Steven Ivanopoulos and Senior Analyst Digby Rusden.

This special session will be held on Thursday, 23 July at 11:00am (AEST).
The webinar will address common queries received by our Tech Support team, and is designed to help you and your IT team understand how to resolve issues quickly.

The webinar will also provide you the opportunity to ask and hear answers to questions from other Elite users.

By attending this training webinar, you'll hear information and advice on the following topics:
  • Tax Forms and Errors
  • Installation help
  • Database backups
  • Taking job exports
  • Setting up a Tax agent or agents in the same practice 
  • Guidance on known Elite issues - Click HERE
Please register to attend this special webinar below.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,775 Administrator
    edited July 23
    Hi folks, there's still time to register for our Reckon Elite webinar at 11am today.

    Hope to see you there! 
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