EOYF ATO records are not matched the STP App

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Hi, i am using the free Single Touch Payroll App, i am having an issue where the wages amounts on the STP app are correct but the ATO website is displaying a different amount. What might be causing this and how can it be fixed ? Thanks.


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    I have reviewed the employee's wages EOFY 19/20 report for my company and the totals for gross income, tax withheld, and super do not match actual amounts paid. I believe one of the problems relates to the first posting in July 2019, which was not accepted, and I was advised on this forum to re-submit the pay run. Seems I have ended up with a double entry for July 2019 which has not been removed. Then I don't understand how the App has not picked up all our super contributions. Any ideas on how to fix the mismatch between Reckon STP and ATO figures?  
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    Hi I have the same problem with you but I have the issue fixed. You need to reverse the amount in difference in the app. Eg if your actual wage paid to one of the employee is $10000 and the report in the Reckon app is $15000, then you need to reverse the amount of $5000 in the app under “new update event” . Same for the super. If reverse need to put a negative sign if adding need to put positive sign. After the adjustment has been approved by ato then run the report again, if the amount matches the amount of your employees actual payment, then you can submit. I I think The ato will only take the amount that is lodged through in the EOFY report. If you want to check ask one of your employees to check with their account see what figure they had in the ato system.
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    Thanks for your reply and advice. I used it to resolve the issue. Now the draft EOFY report has all our correct salary, tax, and compulsory super figures. My accountant is saying there should be a means of entering reportable FBT and reportable super contributions (they are contributions above the compulsory 9.5%) onto the EOFY report but I can't see anywhere. Does anyone have any experience with this particular issue?  
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