Updating GovConnect data

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Hello all! I am in a serious pickle at the moment. Using Reckon One. 

The small company I work for received some misleading information about STP last year. As a result, contractors were being reported through STP and GovConnect. The company's tax agent has contacted us saying that some contractors will have immense trouble submitting their tax return as the ATO now has data for them as employees and there will be a double-up of their earnings on their end. This could open themselves and the company to an audit. 

I went through and set pay runs to drafts and created new ones for the employees only and finished those and was intending on submitting them. I thought that setting the pay runs to drafts would take them out of STP which it did but...they are still on GovConnect. It's almost like I need to re-run the pay runs as blanks to submit those in place of the ones already submitted to GovConnect but this isn't possible, it won't let you do a pay run with no people in it, obviously. 

I don't know who to talk to about this but it's really serious and important to get it sorted ASAP. Today was technically the legal cut off for all of this stuff and I was going to spend tonight fixing it for my company, only to find out that it is alottttt more complex.