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I'm using STP phone App and am having problems. 1. How can I remove the YTD on each of my employees - it is adding another weeks pay to the totals already on Gross Pay. One employee only earned $530 and EOFY report has added YTD and now the report states he earned twice what he did. 2. I have 4 errors which I have addressed by revising the pay run but the errors are still listed on the Pay run screen and the EOFY gross totals are incorrect because of it. What do I do to correct this. The totals are up to $5000 more than they should be


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    If you need to correct figures for your 2019/20 financial year with an update event in the app, you need to enter 30 June 2020 or earlier as the date for the update event.

    So lets say, you have $50,000 gross pay for an employee for the 19/20 FY but part of that isn't correct lets say it should be $42,000 in reality.
    Create an update event with the date of 30 June 2020 and enter -$8000.00 gross pay for that employee. It will correct the balance for your 2019/20 financial year.

    There's more info on how to update your YTD balances in this help guide -
    HELP GUIDE: How do I update my YTD balances in the STP app?
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